These Little Words

Where does one begin to describe being married at the age of twenty-two, only to realize they made the biggest mistake of their life now slept in the same bed as them; but, hey, at least there was money, so it wasn’t all that bad, right- kind of vibe? 

Oh yes, ‘All the Fancy Things I Got From Being Married & All The Little Red Flags I Probably Shouldn’t Have Ignored’- sounds about right. 

Wait, wait, wait. I feel I need to pause here for dramatic effect; but, also to warn you lovely people. You know when you’re watching a horror movie and you know the person being chased by the killer just made a mistake running up the stairs in the house? 

You know, that moment when you’re like ‘RUN, BITCH, RUN!’ ? 

You know, that moment? 

The call is coming from inside the house moment_

Well, in my life, this was one of those moments for me; and, just like that dumb bitch Sarah, I made a decision that was going to at first seem like the best idea; and would turn out only to be a grave, grave error. 



As you may know, "These Little Words" will be coming to a form of an end on JANUARY 23, 2023- because "These Little Words: A Memoir of a Random Gay with a Life Far More Interesting Than a Kardashians - and Definitely Gayer" is coming out in book form MAY 22, 2023. So, the story will continue and conclude a little different than how it began. 

The blog will come back in the spring; but, with a little less life story (because there will be a few hundred page book already about that, duh). and a little more touching in on topics like body positivity and more. 

Though it has been a decade, I can still remember the change we all experienced as our trip took us from the south of France into Italy- the stunning hillsides and small villages lining the way as we approached Pisa.
In many ways our tour began in Paris- and for me, that was the perfect beginning. Paris had been the city I had been wanting to travel to the longest, and I had spent so much time reading about it that I already knew my way around- something I realized everyone else found very useful when we would wander off in our smaller groups.
As I stepped off the plane at London Gatwick Airport I felt a surge of adrenaline that brought me from dead-walking zombie, to ready to take on the city. That same surge of adrenaline faded entirely by the time I made it to the hotel after a forty-minute trip to Russell Square, and the three star hotel Contiki hosted their London tour departures from. I was so happy to walk in to the lobby, thinking I would be unloading my extremely overpacked large suitcase.
I firmly believe that life is only worth living because of the good, and the bad. I know I have spoken of some heavier issues in the last two chapters; so, I want to give you a short, but sweet palette cleanser.
That is why this week, I have chosen to cover one of the happiest parts of my life in my younger years, having the blessing of my little fur baby, Chloe- my first dog.
Chloe was a chocolate Labrador retriever that became part of my family in the year 2000, when I was just eight years old.