Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for stopping by.

Let's start with telling you a little about myself; from the begining.

I was Born in London, Canada in 1992.

I have always enjoyed exploring in the field of creativity from a young age-beginning with writing creative short stories at the age of eight, to branching out toward design and photography by the age of ten.

All of my knowledge and eperience in design, writing, photogrpahy and more are self-taught.

Now, with over a decade of experience in travel, writing, photography, marketing, social media, and most recently modeling and public speaking, I am happy to say I am still chasing new experiences.

I always enjoy new experiences, and I am open to collaboration in the fields below.

Collaboration requests can be sent here:



I am the proud owner and designer of Haus of Savill Mayfair- originally The Societee Apparel (2020). It is my passion to bring bold and uniquely savage designs to you with my bespoke line of leather goods and apparel- handcrafted in London, England.

Click to visit Haus of Savill.



I have enjoyed writing since I was a child- and have found so much joy in bringing you three novels since 2012- from the 'New Age Series', to the 'Lords of Boystown'- and now, my weekly blog | upcoming memoir 'These Little Words'.

I am available for collaboration on written works in the creative, and journalistic fields.


We all have things we deeply care about.

I very much believe that each of us needs to be the change we wish to see in the world. That we must be vocal about what we believe.

That is why I am proud to say I am a gay man, and I am here to be the role model I never had growing up. The world is changing.

The Gay Agenda is real, and it is LOVE.

As a child born with idiopathic infantile Scoliosis and a rare Spinal Syrinx, and high functioning autism; I grew up not fitting in, in a body that is in constant pain.

For that reason I hope to break the sterotype that disabilites a limits; and that you can do whatever you set your heart on, even if it doesn't go exactly as youd like to.

Recently I have started diving in to mental health, disability, and creativity through public speaking, and telling my story in my weekly blog 'These Little Words.'


2018- Present

My various creative works over the years all tied me in to social media- a perk of being old enough to get going when Instagram and Twitter were just taking off. What started with self-taping to practice my photography skills and my love for fashion design have since brought me more on to the path of modeling over the last year especially.

I have been honoured to be shot by photographers from the UK, USA, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, and more over time. The creative process of a shoot has challeneged me in ways that I love.


My knowledge of social media goes all the way back to when Myspace existed, and when Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were just babies.

I began explroing social media as a way to share my short stories, and eventually my travel photography. This led me to meeting so many wonderful people, and amassing a healthy Twitter and Instagram following.

I love collaborating with other creatives, and professionals / businesses to come up with out of the box content that is sure to catch attention; while being more than just your typical white noise poses and locations.




2007- Present

My love for photogrpahy goes back as long as I can remember.

My Nikon has been my buddy as I have explored this beautiful place we call home- and I have managed to snap some shots over the years that others who travel with me have usually stolen to use; which I take as a compliment.

It also helped me meet so many of you on social media when I was first starting out.

In the spirit of remembering my roots- I am opening up a shop where prints of my favourite shots from over the years will be available for purchase.