Join me weekly between July 2022 to February 2023 as I dive in to my life journey. From growing up with scoliosis, and having spinal fusion operations- to travelling the world and getting married while coming out of the closet, and surviving an abusive marriage, all while continuing to explore the world and challenge myself and what I feel I am capable of as a human being.

I know I, like many, have been guilty of cultivating a perfect image on social media, and It made me feel empty; just as I knew my "picture perfect existence" was even possibly hurting others who feel they can't find their place in the world.

So, I share my story in hopes that doing so, and showing that my life is not nearly as perfect as one may assume, just as nobody else's is, I can be a voice that you recognize a bit of yourself in.

I may not be famous; but, I do know I have lived one hell of a life, and I know some of you will related to what I have to say. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly.


The introdction chapter for the memoir is available at the link below.


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Where does one begin to describe being married at the age of twenty-two, only to realize they made the biggest mistake of their life now slept in the same bed as them; but, hey, at least there was money, so it wasn’t all that bad, right- kind of vibe? 

Oh yes, ‘All the Fancy Things I Got From Being Married & All The Little Red Flags I Probably Shouldn’t Have Ignored’- sounds about right. 

Wait, wait, wait. I feel I need to pause here for dramatic effect; but, also to warn you lovely people. You know when you’re watching a horror movie and you know the person being chased by the killer just made a mistake running up the stairs in the house? 

You know, that moment when you’re like ‘RUN, BITCH, RUN!’ ? 

You know, that moment? 

The call is coming from inside the house moment_

Well, in my life, this was one of those moments for me; and, just like that dumb bitch Sarah, I made a decision that was going to at first seem like the best idea; and would turn out only to be a grave, grave error. 



As you may know, "These Little Words" will be coming to a form of an end on JANUARY 23, 2023- because "These Little Words: A Memoir of a Random Gay with a Life Far More Interesting Than a Kardashians - and Definitely Gayer" is coming out in book form MAY 22, 2023. So, the story will continue and conclude a little different than how it began. 

The blog will come back in the spring; but, with a little less life story (because there will be a few hundred page book already about that, duh). and a little more touching in on topics like body positivity and more. 

Though it has been a decade, I can still remember the change we all experienced as our trip took us from the south of France into Italy- the stunning hillsides and small villages lining the way as we approached Pisa.
In many ways our tour began in Paris- and for me, that was the perfect beginning. Paris had been the city I had been wanting to travel to the longest, and I had spent so much time reading about it that I already knew my way around- something I realized everyone else found very useful when we would wander off in our smaller groups.
As I stepped off the plane at London Gatwick Airport I felt a surge of adrenaline that brought me from dead-walking zombie, to ready to take on the city. That same surge of adrenaline faded entirely by the time I made it to the hotel after a forty-minute trip to Russell Square, and the three star hotel Contiki hosted their London tour departures from. I was so happy to walk in to the lobby, thinking I would be unloading my extremely overpacked large suitcase.

2012- The One About Loss- Again.  You know how they sometimes say you need to take a leap of faith?...

I firmly believe that life is only worth living because of the good, and the bad. I know I have spoken of some heavier issues in the last two chapters; so, I want to give you a short, but sweet palette cleanser.
That is why this week, I have chosen to cover one of the happiest parts of my life in my younger years, having the blessing of my little fur baby, Chloe- my first dog.
Chloe was a chocolate Labrador retriever that became part of my family in the year 2000, when I was just eight years old.

The University Year We’ve reached the part of my story where I went to university ten hours away from home...

They say high school is either the best time, or the worst time of your life. Honestly, for me, it was definitely not the best; I will also admit I do have some fond memories, and a few connections I still keep hold of.
With that said, I will never forget my first day walking in to Regina Mundi Catholic College. It was overwhelming for all us first years, undoubtedly.
Remember what I told you about how being broken to pieces gives you the opportunity to build yourself back better than ever? Well, you can; but, it takes effort.
The other part?
It’s entirely on you to get there.
Having grown up with scoliosis, my thoughts on my body had never been very positive. From being mocked and called a freak, or hunchback- whatever, to gaining quite a lot of weight after my spinal fusion operations.

For starters, I guess you could call this chapter an extension of chapter two, “You’re So Gay;” though, this is...

I knew when I started writing this that each post would become harder and harder to write; but, I also think some of the hardest and most vulnerable things you can share may just have the most impact, and maybe even help someone else who is going through a scary, unsure time in their lives.
I have always kept conversations about my scoliosis, and my spinal fusion operations to the bare minimum details.
It’s time to dive in to when I first knew I was gay.
Contrary to the beliefs of Conservatives and Republicans, otherwise known as bigoted cowards- I knew I was not like the other kids around me by the age of five at the latest. How did I know, you ask? It was pretty simple; I was more nervous around the boys in class than the girls, and of course, I played with Barbie; but I was more interested in Ken.