My love of writing began from birth- first with a love of hearing bed-time stories, to reading them myself; before writing short stories at the age of eight.

Those short stories eventually progressed to full-length novels; inspired by the very real life stories I encounter and live along my travels around the world.

From my debut novel series "The New Age" featuring "Tears of Versailles" 2012 and "Saints and Sinners" 2014, to "The Lords of Boystown" 2017, and most recently my weekly blog "These Little Words" 2022- soon to be a book of the same title in 2023- take a step in to my chaotic writing beginings, and my more fleshed out ramblings of today. I'm sure you'll be entertained at the very least.

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I am always open to writing collaborations; from guest writing pieces to creative writing- I am sure my creativity and skills can help you and your next project stand out and make a powerful impact.